The first month since onboarding with Lularoe

We got our Lularoe inventory the second week of October, and spent the first two weeks working on our Facebook VIP Group and photographing our inventory. We officially launched online October 23rd with a soft launch of several of our items.

For those who are new to Lularoe, when you join the company you place an order in the $5000 range, and they select the clothing that you receive. Lularoe limits the prints they produce to 5000 pieces in each print, so you rarely get the same print twice, and you have no control over what prints you receive. So everytime you receive new inventory you have to photograph it if you want to sell it online.

As we have gotten things photographed and started selling in our group I have some experiences to share with you. First of all, this is a lot of work! It has taken hours and hours to photograph our inventory, and get it ready to sell. We have had a couple of in person pop-ups where we take the clothes and show them in your home to your friends. This has it’s own challenges as loading and unloading the inventory is physically challenging, and inventory management is hard. We are selling stuff online, and at pop ups, and we have to manually remove the inventory from our online catalog so we don’t sell it again once we have sold it at an in person pop up.

Having a partner has been crucial, as we have been able to split the responsibilities somewhat. I certainly don’t see how you could do it on nights and weekends if you work another full time job! I understood what this process would be like because I have been selling online for 14 years, but even with that it has been a lot of hard work.

But are we making any money? I don’t think I can give an accurate accounting of the money that can be made yet, we have been reinvesting our earnings, and got a slow start due to family issues we are dealing with.

This is so so fun though! The prints are so fun, the leggings are unique, and it is like Christmas every time we open a box of inventory. The customers have loved what we have shown them, everyday we are getting more people in our group, and we have been having a great time.

I am excited to see where this goes!

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