Jumping on the Lularoe Band wagon!

I have had a blast buying and wearing the fun Lularoe leggings! I have been talking to my sister since the beginning of the year about getting a fun, trendy clothing line in to complement TheBlingThing.com. We thought about it, and decided to join the Lularoe team. It is weird! It is so popular that you send in your paper work, and it takes like 2 months to even get your call to sign up! We signed up August 6th, and we are still waiting for our phone call to be able to put in our initial order.

While we wait in the queue list we have been busy getting our VIP group going on facebook. BlingSistersVIP. Come join us! We are having fun doing free giveaways, drawings, movie trivia, and fashion tips while we wait for our inventory. Why are we doing this? Because we want to build our shopping group, and we want you to refer your friends to shop with us too. We’ll make it worth your while!

So, come and see what the fun is all about, I do have to warn you the Lularoe addiction is contagious!

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