Dieting Sucks!

If you are following this blog you will recall that I started an accountability challenge in a group I am in. The challenge is to exercise a minimum 15 minutes per day. I have been charting my progress in a Bullet Journal each day.
It is just a simple one, I put an x in the box each day, but wow is it satisfying to check that box. Today is day 11, and I havn’t done my exercising yet but I will. It has been tough a few days, especially after the weekend nights when I have been out partying with friends, but I am going to keep at it for the 30 days!
On top of exercising 15 minutes everyday I started a low carb diet on Monday, and that has been very hard. I love bread. If I could marry bread, I think I would. I love potatoes, it has only been 4 days and I swear I am grieving the loss of the potato.
I hope this part gets easier, because I am really having a tough time with it. Maybe as I start to see results, It won’t suck as badly!

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