What style to decorate & paint my new Glamper?

One of the hazards of my job is surfing pinterest, I know it is a tough job but someone has to do it. I kept coming across these adorable vintage campers that people were renovating, and taking out on the road for both personal and business. I had to have one! Late last summer I was surfing craigs list, and I found the perfect little scotty camper. I harassed my poor husband into going with me, and we bought it. We did some minor fixes to it, and took it up north for the weekend to test it out, and it is perfect! I have spent the whole winter obsessing about how to decorate and paint it! There is so much out there by way of creative inspiration, I keep changing my mind as to how I want to proceed. I named her Sunshine, and I want red and yellow but beyond that I havn’t decided. For now I am having a blast surfing pinterest for ideas!IMG_2932_edited

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