I don’t just do retail- I am retail

You know how when you are little lots of girls plan their weddings? Not this girl.. I planned my accessory store. I can remember that all I ever wanted was to own my little retail store. I got this opportunity a few years ago, but due to personal circumstances like having to buy food,and pay for heat and such I had to close after only 3 years. Geez, I loved owning my little store. I had so many dreams for it, ideas, and plans. Unfortunately, I was able to barely scrape the surface of what I wanted to do because I couldn’t financially hold on long enough for my store to find its footing.

Divorce, single parenting,and major back problems all conspired to close me down. My landlord and my customers were so good to me during that time, and I was so grateful but ultimately I made the decision to close it down,and go back to selling online only. Last summer I started doing some festivals and events,and that has helped to give me that contact I needed with my customers.

When I see a small business close, I am always sad for a minute.Even when it is due to retirement, or the sale of the company it is still the end of a dream. I think all of us dream sometimes of owning our own business,or getting away from the “man”, it is just normal to think of these things.Closing is the end of that dream. I remember when I closed my store, I would run into my customers in the grocery store,and they would tell me how much they missed the store. I would literally feel the tears well up, and my throat would ache. Oh, how I missed it too..
I remember my now ex husband saying to me one time that I am the perfect employee. He went on to say that I am willing to work so hard for so little.. That really stung at the time.. when you are doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work.I loved my little store, but I was a one woman show… Someday I will do it again.The next time I will be more prepared.

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