Extreme Coupons for the Shopaholic

For those who are into couponing,or are following the Extreme Coupon craze,i have to say i have found it to be really appealing to my compulsive shopping side.
I have been following some fun coupon pages on Facebook,and been thinking about trying the coupon thing myself.I need to tell you though that everytime i have ever tried to clip and use coupons,it has been a short lived endeavor.I either forget to take the coupons,or when i do they are expired,or i just don’t get a jones out of saving a dollar here or there..
Recently though,i have been looking for a hobby that would keep me from having to work all the time,and stocking up on stuff we use,and creating a stockpile appeals to my need to BUY,BUY,BUY!
So, after following a few coupon pages the last couple weeks,and clipping coupons for a couple hours, i felt ready this morning to do my first ‘deal’.
The coupon peeps tell you to focus on learning one store at a time,to get the hang of it.They also tell you to start small,and build your confidence.
This morning i got up my nerve,and off to CVS i went…

This is what i got-Right Guard deodorant
Right Guard Deodorant
Ivory 3 pk$1.99
Ivory 3pk$1.99
Ivory was on sale for .99cents for the 3 pk of soap.I had coupon for $1 off.Ivory soap was FREE.
Right Guard was on sale for buy one get one free,and i had $1.00 coupon.
Total was $3.47 and i got $2 in extra care bucks to use on my next purchase=$1.47 for 2 deodorants and 6 bars of Soaps.
I love this deal! I can get enough soap and deodorant for my family,and i can use the excess to help another family!

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