Give A SHIT!

I don’t know if it is the age i am,the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore,the absolutely tumultous last couple of years we have had or


but lately i just feel like i need to be more vocal and more active about what happens in the city that I live in.

It all started a couple of years ago, when we sold our house that bordered on Ann Arbor and Saline.We had Saline schools and Ann Arbor mailing.
Our daughter went to Saline schools.However, i didn’t feel like I was really a part of the community.Sure, we would come downtown for dinner occasionally, and maybe hit the parade at Christmas but when we entertained we usually went to Ann Arbor.

We moved closer to downtown Saline to be closer to my daughters school as well as my office.

I started to get more involved in our local community,but still felt the need to do more.I have always wanted to open a brick and mortar(that is what we internet peeps call retail stores),and there was somewhat affordable space available in Saline,so it seemed like the perfect solution!
I would open my store,help to revitalize the downtown,satisfy both of my middle age pipe dreams!
My plan would work perfectly except for the fact that it has to be worst time in history to open a retail store,my financial situation is precarious at best,i allready worked 70 hours a week,and banks aren’t lending at all.


There is no bailout for us small business owners who make a mistake,if I want to live in a well rounded city,and be proud of my surroundings it is up to MOI .

One Saturday I was sitting at a day long volleyball tournament watching my daughter play,and this obnoxious man was trying to motivate his daughters team into playing better.

He kept yelling “Give A Shit” which was so inappropriate in the context of where we were,but I got what he was trying to say.

I am not asking you to open a retail boutique(unless you need a hobby),I am asking you to think about what you can do to help your community to be a better place.

Maybe you can commit to buying a cup of coffee a week from an independent coffee shop, or maybe you could plant a tree for a neighbor who needs it.

All I am asking is that you simply Give A Shit!

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  1. Amen! Tell it Sister! All of us need to band together to stimulate the economy and giving to the small “mom and pops” is the best place to start!

  2. There are lots of ways to help and help you should. You get a great feeling helping these mom and pop places succeed. I stimulate their economy when I buy local and they stimulate my love for a great small town with great shops and food. Also have you ever wanted to feel like movie star with lots of money with out having to spend a lot. Buy locally and buy often. They really remember you and treat you like a star. You get the red carpet treatment without spending your life’s savings.

  3. Hi Marcy,Thank you for your comments!
    I agree there is nothing like the feeling i get when i walk into the wine shop across the street,and the owner greets me by name. hum.. maybe i shouldn’t use the wine shop as an example…wink!

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