New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again… time to reflect on the past year and review my goals for this next year. I have always loved selling apparel, and will still sell the swimwear and tote bags that i have always sold on the site.

   However, as i posted in some past blogs, i decided to pull the gift and other stuff off of Brooke Boutique,and do a new website ,and hey while i am  at it, why not open a retail store?lol

   So that is what i did! I opened TBT(The Bling Thing) in downtown Saline, in October of this year. I love it! I have been planning this store since  i was 8 years old. The website by the same name is now ready,and we are loading it as fast as we can.

I have always had an accessory store on my wish list, but did i think i would open a retail store in 2009? NO WAY! All i can say is that i was open to a new adventure, i knew i would have to continue to make my own job(no jobs in Michigan),and i have never seen a store even close to what i have at TBT.

So, when you are reviewing your resolutions for the year, you don’t have to make them specific. Open your heart, your ears,and your eyes. You never know… you may be living your own Bling Thing!

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