Decorating with Color

We love color here at It makes me smile to come into a room that is open, warm, and cheerful. We have such cold winters here in Michigan, that anything we can do to cheer up a room, a package, or an order is all good.

Recently, i was doing some things to my new house to make it feel like my space. A simple and inexpensive way to put a stamp on your space is to paint the front door.

Now, i know that not everyone will agree with my color choice,but you can all agree that it is different,unique,and if it doesn’t make you smile it will at least make you pause.Here is the old door-


The New limealicious front door


That’s how we roll!

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  1. I love the granny smith apple green door. In fact, I brought it up to my husband and he balked as I expected him to. (Our house is pale yellow. Our fairy doors are granny smith apple green.) It’s going to take some time to wear him down. I’m up for it, though. ;o)

  2. I am in the process of this very same thing…changing my doors to lime grenn. I love it!! Could you please tell me the name of this shade of green. I have currently bought 5 of the sample jars of different shades of green. I still can’t get it right.
    Thank You

  3. HI Cindy! We used ValSpar paint(i believe it is either Home Depot, or Lowes),The color was limolicious,and we used their semi gloss exterior.Hope that helps!Anne

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