Interested in Live Video? Try a Ring Light for your Phone

I have been reading everywhere about how the latest thing for retailers is live video. I watch a lot of periscopes, and have been trying to get my nerve to try it in my business. The other day I noticed I have the little microphone on my iPhone on my facebook business page. So, I decided to give it a try. OMG, I looked hit! lol I couldn’t get past how dark the video was, and how terrible I looked in it.

After doing some research on how my favorite periscopers do it, I ordered a tripod, and a ring light for my iPhone. This is the one I bought.RC Selfie Ring Light for iPhone 6 If you buy from my link, I will receive a few pennies from amazon in commission, but that isn’t why I am recommending it! What a difference it makes in selfies, and for live video. I had my husband do a before and after of this ring light, and here are the results.

This is the selfie taken without using a ring light on my iPhone-Ring Light before

This is the selfie taken after the ring light-ring light after

What a difference right? I am so excited to try it on my next live video, I’ll let you know how it works!

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