Trend Alert!Layer your necklaces,inspirational messages,and lots of charms!

When I went to the Gift Show in Atlanta at the beginning of January one of the first things I noticed is that the trend in jewelry continues to be layering your necklaces,lots of gold,lots of charm bracelets,and lots of pieces with inspirational messages.

In regards to layering your necklaces,don’t be afraid to wear a combination of silver and gold. Gold is making a huge comeback,and we saw it in home furnishing,jewelry,and even Christmas Ornaments.
You can wear a longer piece,with a shorter piece and mix and match your charms. This is my bracelet, combined with my fun
My origami Owl Bracelet
Origami Owl bracelet by Theresa.

I noticed a ton of bracelets,and necklaces with inspirational messages,personalized plates,and charms.I think this is the perfect way to personalize gift items!You can buy a gift for a girlfriend with her initials,or her kids names for example.

We offer a bunch of different inexpensive charm bracelets on our website.It would be an easy fix,to add an o-ring and throw extra charms on it!
We have these adorable I Love My Boyfriend Charm Bracelets! They are inexpensive!Throw on some extra o’rings from the craft store,and add your fav charms to make a fun,trendy,cheap bracelet!

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