Why You Should Marry an Ugly Man

when you are looking for a prospective husband you should stay away from the hotty man candy,and go for the ugly men.
Seriously!These guys will treat you so much better than the guy who is better looking than you are.

I have assembled a few tips on things to look for when you are dating-
1.If your man spends more time getting ready to go out than you do-that is bad! Seriously, a man needs a
shower,brush his teeth,comb the few hairs he has left on his head,and throw on his Tommy Bahama shirt and
shorts.Any thing more than that and he needs to be gone..

2.If you buy a new car,and your man would rather stay home then go with you to pick it up break up with him.

3.If he has to rewash his hair because it didn’t come out good the first time-RUN!

4.If you need a room painted,and he tells you that the brushes are in the basement,to go right ahead and
get started this is a very very bad sign for your future.

Marry an ugly man.He will be grateful to you,and work to prove you made a good choice in choosing him.
(No good looking man has been damaged in the writing of this post)

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