Original Artwork doesn’t have to be Expensive

Grape Leaves

For Mothers Day this year, i bought both my mom and Mother In Law these darling Animal Print Pens.

The artist Irene Guimera had this beautiful custom art work on her site,and i asked her to select a notecard to put into both packages.We sent my mom this beautiful notecard that she had painted of grape leaves.

The notecard is only $4.99!

My mom loved hers!!

She took it to get it framed,to hang in her bathroom.

I wanted to show you what it looks like now that she got it framed.
Grape Leaves
She paid around $100 for the framing,but you could do this yourself,or choose less expensive framing mattes,etc.

I know the picture isn’t great,but you can get an idea of how an Inexpensive Notecard can be made into a beautiful Picture Frame

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