Cute,Inexpensive Gift suitable for a Teacher Gift,Hair Stylist,or Friend!

The hottest trend this season is the insulated travel cups with a straw.I personally love mine,because it keeps your drink cold,and you don’t have the annoying McDonalds cups,etc stacking up. My daughter is a High School Cheerleader,and We had to buy 3 gifts for the seniors who are graduating to give them as gifts at tonites game.
We got them each a black and white travel cup from . You can find these all over these days,and in cute seasonal colors!

You can fill them with a cute scarf,little packs of crystal light,or candy.
We filled them with Blow Pop Suckers,and Starbursts.Finished in cute white bags,with tissue and bows that match the tissue.Voila! An inexpensive gift for your teacher,hair stylist,or friend!

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