1. does the deather tree come in red, black? whats the price?

  2. Feather trees are available in several colors.We only sell the pink and white now,although we have sold them in a lot of colors in the past!

  3. Hi Anne. Do you think you will have any taller ones come in?

    • We order in January for the following Christmas Season.We didn’t order any of the full size trees for this Christmas.What size are you looking for?

  4. Hi Anne. I’m looking for a pink 5 or 6′ feather tree?

    • Hi Nicole,
      We don’t have any of the larger pink ones coming in this year.I do have one of my own that we have used as the display tree.I may be interested in selling it.We have used it as a display in our retail store-nothing wrong with it or anything.Let me know if this is something you would be interested.A

    • Hello Again,
      I just sent you an email with more information on what we have available.Let me know if you don’t receive it!Anne

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