What is ply in regards to Cashmere?

In a previous post about Cashmere we discussed that Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat fur. When people discuss Cashmere people typically refer to the ply of the Cashmere.
Ply referes to the number of strands of cashmere used to make up yarn count in any knitted garment. A 2 ply sweater is knitted using yarn made up of “2” strands of cashmere knitted together. A 4 ply sweater is made up of twisting 2 strands of 2 ply yarn together for a total of 4 strands.

People will ask is 4 ply better than 2 ply.Not necessarily! 4 ply yarn will knit a thicker or chunkier feeling sweater,and will use more cashmere fiber. It doesn’t make it better quality than another,just thicker.So remember,more ply= thicker.

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