Wholesale Bag Store Customer Service Fail

Every now and again i have the misfortune to run across a bad vendor.I work really hard to find good quality wholesalers,but once in a while I come across some stinky wholesale handbag sellers

Unfortunately, I came across one of these the other day. I have been ordering gorgeous animal print purses from this wholesale bag store for 2 years.I ordered some gorgeous bags,and they were delivered on Friday.

I opened the box to find that of 11 handbags, 5 were damaged and unsellable.This happens sometimes,but when i actually looked closer at 2 of the handbags, it looked as if they intentionally attempted to deceive me!The handles on the bags were laminated.It is a shiny plastic looking material.There were dull black fabric pieces sewn on the handles to hide where the handles were broken.

As bad as these bags look, the real horror was not in the items that they sent me, but their responses to the email/phone calls I made in attempt to get these returned,and replaced with undamaged product.(to be continued in the next blog post)

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