Saga Continues of Wholesale Bag Store customer service failure

This post is a continuation of the customer service experience i had with a wholesale bag store last week.So, when i realized that of the 11 handbags,and cosmetic bags i had ordered that 5 were bad and unsellable I contacted them by phone and email.There was no response to the phone call, so i emailed.I was very polite,and to the point.The email said that i had received some damaged bags,and would like to send them back,and have replacements sent.

They responded that they would issue a call tag,but that i would have to pay shipping again if i wanted the handbags reshipped.

How can that be fair?I allready paid you almost $16 to ship this order,why should I pay another $16 to send out the bags in a sellable condition?

That is our company policy.

In that case, I will just return these,never buy from you again,and you can issue a refund to my credit card.

We don’t issue refunds to credit cards.We issue store credit only.Because your order will fall below a $100 minimum,you will have to reach the minimum plus shipping to get another order.

I don’t understand this?

I am just asking you to send the order I placed,nothing more?

I called my bank, and i can file a chargeback.However, it would have to be for the whole order.That isn’t what i want.I want to pay them for the 6 good bags.I have been buying from them for 2 years,and never had this problem.

However, now that i know what kind of company they are, I don’t want to buy from them anymore.I don’t want to have to order more bags from them,to get the money back that i allready paid.

The measure of a good company is not how they handle the good times,but how they handle the bad.This company is a bad company.They sold inferior products,and refuse to take responsibility for it.

I allready have 6 other vendors i can buy bags from,and do buy from…I can order these exact bags from someone else,I don’t need this company… Will keep you posted on how this plays out..

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