A year is a long time…but yet it seems like a day…

It was a year ago October 8th, that our physical store came into existence along with a matching website.

In many respects, i totally rebranded my company.I had been selling swimwear and travel accessories on Brooke Boutique and was looking to expand.
At least once a week, i second guess the decision to open a retail presence in the midst of the worst recession i have ever seen in my life. I allready know i am a entrepeneur.I allready know i have taken a lot of risk in my life in business. However, I am starting to second guess whether i may be touched in the head!
It hasn’t helped that i ended up having severe back pain a couple months into opening the boutique.It hasn’t helped that i ended up having major back surgery and am still recovering from that.It has been rough.
The website TheBlingThing.com is humming along.. It is the retail store that is struggling as expected.Maybe i was arrogant to think that people would want to buy the affordable jewelry and handbags i had been selling online for years.Maybe I am just not giving the people what they want.These are the things you think about when you spend hour after hour alone in a retail setting.
I am not sure where I will go from here.I have had to make major decisions to try to save my company.Decisions that aren’t pleasant.I have had to go from a 4 person company, to a 1 person company temporarily i hope.I will continue to pull out every trick I can think of,but will it be enough?
Retail takes a lot of time,money,and commitment. I don’t have money, I may not have much time left in the retail brick and mortar business,but I am committed.
Committed to doing the best i can to share the trends with you at affordable prices.Committed to stay true to my style,and brand.Committed to being honest with you,and fair for as long as i can keep the doors open.
If the time comes to close the doors, I hope i can do it with the grace and charm that the customers and residents of Saline have shown me and my company.
That’s All I have to say about that!

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