Party Girl Condom Holders

First of all, if you have no sense of  humor or are easily offended you may want to stop reading here! Ok, i said it. So don’t blame me later!

Here at and  we feel that every party girl should pack protection! Hey, you never know when you will be out and about and find yourself in need! So why not order one of these cute, stylish condom cases to make sure you are always ready for whatever “pops” up!

They come in the storybook box, and are perfect for gift giving!

That is not all though! They have a removable plastic insert that can easily turn these flirty cases into perfectly divided pill cases. You can store your vitamins in them, or at the minimum you can tell anyone who asks that they are for your vitamins!

These combo condom case and pill boxe are available at

This one is Meg.. she is talented, smart,and funny! But, hey she can’t always be good! This one says “Oops..I forgot to be good”

Oops..I forgot to be good!

The other one is Jessica. She is skilled at hooking a man, but not by spending time in the kitchen! This one says “I know the way to a man’s heart, and trust me on this, It’s not through his stomach”.

I know the way

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