Black Friday Sales Not Only For The Shoppers!

Black Friday is the day many shoppers live for! The deals are fantastic, and the stores are packed. For many years the day after Thanksgiving was the day that many retail companies went back into profitability. However, there is a dark side to this weekend that most don’t talk about or publicize.That is the shoplifting,and theft problems that not only the retailers experience but their customers.

     After 25 years in this business, not much surprises me. This blog post is to remind you of a few things that you can do to keep yourself and your fellow shoppers safe while you are out enjoying your shopping.

     First of all, take your bags to the car frequently, and lock them in your trunk. The thieves are looking for bags that you set down while you are picking through racks, and looking around.They want to distract you. I have seen people set down their bags, turn around and the bags are gone. Do not do this!

     Secondly, travel light. Leave your coat in the car,again locked in the trunk. If you must take your purse, put it across your body.The pickpockets love,love,love crowds. Your credit cards, cash, and favorite lipstick will be gone without you even knowing about it.

     Third,and this one i have seen so many times i can’t believe it. Do not hang your purse, or coat on  a rack while you try on a coat,sweater, or other item. You are just asking to have your purse or coat snatched. I once saw a lady hang her Coach bag on  a rack of leather coats. She was surprised when a gang of 3 people came running into the mall,and ran out the door to an awaiting car with the full rack of coats,and her handbag hanging off of it.

     Fourth,and this is a tough one for the divas.Dress down! Don’t draw attention to yourself! If i am a shoplifter looking to score who am i going to target? The lady with the nice handbag,and wearing the leather coat, or the gal who is in her sweats,and looks like she just rolled out of bed?

     Last but not least, be aware of your surroundings.Don’t go out to your car with a gazillion bags, in the dark,and alone.This is just common sense, but people seem to get caught up in the spirit of the deals,and they forget that not everyone is your friend.

Have fun shopping,but be aware!

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