Jewelry Trends at The Bling Thing Stretch Rings

One of the hottest new trends in fun bling jewelry is the Stretch Ring. Stretch rings have become one of the hottest selling pieces in our store The Bling Thing .People love the versatility of the sizing, different styles, and most importantly the inexpensive pricing.

First of all, the rings come in so many different styles, you will certainly find one you like!

The styles i have seen range from the stackable rhinestone ring, that can be stacked one on top of another to create a wider ring, to the flower petal rings,to peace sign rings!Stretch ringThese make great Christmas gifts because not only do they not need to be sized, they are also cheap!

Because they stretch,they will fit almost anybody. Retailers don’t have to stock a bunch of sizes.
Also, because the ring stretches, anyone with swelling problems (pregnant, arthritis, too much salt at lunch,etc), can wear the ring comfortably!petal ring
Finally, while i am sure you can find more expensive stretch rings, we have made a conscious effort to stock only stretch rings ranging in prices from $4- $25. We also have matching bracelets for many of these rings.
Stop by The Bling Thing, We are located at 131 E.Michigan Ave, in Saline ,Mi. We’ll roll out the red carpet!

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