Painting a Concrete Floor

As i have mentioned before,Decorating with Color I love to decorate with color! We are in development for our new retail accessories store The Bling Thing,and are in the process of setting up.

 The first thing we decided is that we didn’t want to go with boring carpet.The floor was just concrete, and we had to decide between carpet, tile, linoleum, or paint.We decided to  paint the floor! Why not? If it doesn’t work out, we can always carpet, or do one of the othe applications. Paint is inexpensive, yet it adds something unique,and fun to the space!

Mr. Brooke Boutique designed this 4 color design, and painted it in stages. He sealed the whole thing with a lacquer. We think it came out spectacularly! What do you think? If it doesn’t end up holding up nicely, there is always builder beige carpet!

concrete floor

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  1. I love those colors; what a brilliant idea! It will hold up well, and has the added advantage of preventing musky smells from coming up through the concrete. Your new store will be awesome!

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