New Childrens Book by Local Author

dilly dally

Every now and again i run across a local business that is doing something fun and unique. When i come across these companies i enjoy giving them some support. This is the case with a cute new childrens book by  local author Michael D. Scott.

Michael is from this area and the illustrator of his book is Megan Wellman,and she is from Canton,Michigan.

The book King of Dilly Dally  is an adorable childrens book suitable in my opinion  for ages 2-10.It features the King of Procrasta who appears at first glance not to be concerned with the citizens of his kingdom. As the story proceeds we find that the King is actually concerned with his subjects, he is just very observant of other things,and a little distracted.

The story is written in rhyme,and easy to read.I really enjoyed it.

If you need a gift, or want to support a local author, go to this website   and purchase this sweet book for $11.99 plus shipping. He accepts paypal, and is self publishing.

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