It’s Hammertime!

I think every single parent can remember the time when you realized that you are truly on your own. Even if you felt alone in your marriage for years, this is the moment when you realize you have noone to turn to..noone to lean on… noone who has your back.

For me this moment occured about a month after i had moved into my new place. I was laying on the couch at 10pm at night just staring at the ceiling. Suddenly i heard this noise.
Ignore. Pretend it doesn’t exist…
I get up, go into the hallway by the garage door and sure enough it is the smoke alarm.

I look around, no fire. No smell of smoke. For crying out loud, the battery must be dead.
I stared at it for a few minutes, just willing it to go away.
No such luck.
I get a chair. I get a screw driver. It’s not the right kind of screwdriver. I get another screwdriver.This one looks right.
I open the lid of the smoke detector,take out the battery.Ah…relief.
I come back into the living room, I can do this…
Back i go into the hallway.Again, i stare at it.

Can i sleep with this thing beeping all night? No.i wasn’t sleeping anyway,so it shouldn’t have been a big deal.
Can baby diva sleep thru this?Yes.
I stare.
I learned later that the smoke detectors are hardwired,and that i could have simply disconnected some wires or something and the beeping would have stopped. Oh, the benefits of hindsight…
But, at that moment i didn’t know this…
So, i did what any technologically challenged person would do… I got out a hammer, and i banged that sucker til it stopped beeping…

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