Follow up on the Instyler

So, we have heard from a ton of friends regarding our posts about the

This is a question we got regarding the shine spray. If anyone has any advice for this gal on how to use it,please leave a comment for us.

Ok…we got our Instylers last week.  So far I like it, but yesterday I tried the shine spray for the first time.  It’s like pure oil?  I dried my hair, then spritzed it on a bit…maybe too much.  I didn’t get any shine, but did get a lot of steam when I then used the instyler.Help!    LOL

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  1. I too had that issue.. instead of spraying it directly onto my hair, I sprayed it into my hand and then rubbed my hands together. I started mid shaft down to the ends very gently distributing it through the hair with my fingers. Worked like a charm!! Use just a bit – you can always go back over it if you need more. But in this case – less is more 🙂

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