It’s all about me!

As a small business owner it is always hard to figure out where the business ends, and where the personal begins.Every time i started to post a blog this last year, i had to really decide how much i wanted to disclose about me personally, my family,and my friends.

As i sit here writing my goals for this year, i realize that i cannot separate the me from the business,anymore than i can separate the me from the we.

So, i am going to just be me. Hopefully i won’t run off  potential customers to  with my musings here, but i have to take the chance.

As this business grows, so shall I.

Join Me!

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  1. Hello Anne Darling-
    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and wish you the best for this new year. You are in my heart and have been and I wasn’t sure if you knew that.
    Hope all is well, or atleast getting there.
    Best wishes and all my love

  2. Hi doll!
    Of course i think of you every day.It is your beautiful body that showcases our items. We will have to get together soon, we have some beautiful new inventory that you would model beautifully!Anne

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