Mina Project

We received the nicest thank you from a blog reader for a donation we sent to her church for a fund raiser.

below is an excerpt of the thank you note-
“Thank you for your donation of the jewelry tree for our Mother/Daughter Tea benefiting the Mina Project. The jewelry tree was a big hit and made the perfect addition to our Diva Basket, leading to intense bidding among the attendees. Thanks in part to your donation, the event was an overall success and memorable experience for all involved.”

That thank you note couldn’t have come at a better time for me! It reminds me that i am only one person, but that i can make a difference in the world. We all can!

 Sara, if you read this post, we would love to hear a little bit about the Mina Project,and what you think the money you raised will go for.

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  1. Anne-
    I wanted to take the opportunity to share about the Mina Project at Hope Community Church. In simplest terms, it is Hope’s radical gesture of generosity to our local community and beyond. It is built on the precept of Jesus’ parable of the minas (pronounced my-na), calling us to multiply and invest in God’s kingdom.

    During a weekend service, each Hope attendee received an envelope bearing cash–with various amounts of cash placed in each one–ranging in increments from $10 to $500. In total, $50,000 was distributed throughout all four services. The congregation has now been asked to go out and “multiply their minas” however they choose, with all profits will be returned as donations to benefit a pre-selected list of charitable organizations. The organizations are: Wake InterFaith Hospitality Network, M25 Foundation, Raleigh Rescue Mission, House of Hope, Hope4Haiti Foundation, With Love From Jesus, Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina, Healing Place of Wake County, Urban Hope, and Ship of Zion.

    Our event was a Mother/Daughter Tea. The girls (ranging in age from 9 months to 5 years old) were treated to crafts and various princess activities while the moms were able to participate in a silent gift basket auction (thank you again for your contribution, Anne!) and refreshed and rejuvenated as mothers through two wonderful guest speakers. We were able to take our mina money and multiply it 20 fold. I will keep you posted as to the overall funds raised.

    Thanks again!

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