Kindness? Is is really that difficult?

I have recently been reminded that we could all be a little kinder to one another. We run around from place to place, picking up kids, running errands. Sometimes we could all just take a minute and look around us.

Is it really so hard to stop for a minute, and actually be in the moment? Things have been really tough here in Michigan. People are losing their homes, their jobs. Simple acts of kindness like just making eye contact with another human being sometimes make the difference for people.

For years, i worked from my home. I got so lonely, i would actually pick up the phone when a telemarketer would call!When i moved my office out of my home,it made all the difference to me. Sigh

I could stop and get my coffee at the grocery store in the morning. Chat at the bank. You would think that i waste more time doing all that. However, i think i get more done. Because now when i am at work, i am really working. Not surfing the net, reading my favorite blogs, folding laundry.

Some people are disciplined,and enjoy working from home. I am just not one of those people.

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